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If you enjoy scenarios where sex is forced, and someone is emotionally or physically blackmailed, then this site is the perfect spot on the internet for you. Let yourself get lost in a sea of teens in mischevious behavior as they get punished for all their recklessness and undeeds.
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If you’ve always been into scenarios that involve blackmailing, then Shoplyfter is the site made for you. They have a ton of barely legal teenage girls misbehaving and just waiting to get in trouble. That’s why they have a significant security officer employed to punish them and keep things in order around here.

Whether you like forced blowjobs, or trashed pussies, maybe even a destroyed asshole, just for the sake of discipline, then this is the place where you can just let loose and drown your brain in many different fantasies, scenes, dialogues, poses… All around, it’s just a magical place where sex can be as wild and free as it is meant to be.


The content here, I feel, is designed to cater to a particular kind of audience. All of their videos include only teenage girls, and every video has a similar scenario. So if you fall within that specific group, then that is okay, and this is the place for you. The site, as you can see, is growing steadily, with videos being uploaded regularly. Funny thing, before my review, I came across this site a couple of years ago as a young enthusiast for porn. Back then, the site only had like 50 or 60 different videos/scenes, whereas now I notice a ton of them. So I feel like I can give a review based on complete and total honesty and experience as a customer.

If you like to know where your money goes before you invest it in something, the site always gives you a short preview of the movie around two minutes. There you can see bits and chunks of the story, a brief glimpse of most essential scenes, and a small hint at how the ending is going to be. So you get a short but detailed description that specifically tells you what you’re paying for in advance. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal, right? Primarily as someone who tries to be careful with their money. I feel for you, brothers.

About the range and quality of girls, you can see a whole palette of popular young porn stars you’ve probably seen somewhere but could never quite get your hands on their name. That’s also a part of the struggle that young and unfortunate I remember. Lucky for you, this is a professional site, so they always include the name of your wanted girl so you can enjoy her work whenever you want and are in the mood for it. You can see some familiar faces that have been circling for years as goddesses and cock-sucking pioneers, such as Taylor Blake, Sailor Luna, Jaycee Starr… And many others.

So, let’s go through this once more together. You get a hot, dark, sexy, twisted scenario, a variety of cute teens of all shapes and sizes, a detailed preview of what you’re buying, a name of your preferred star given to you, and guess what – all that in HD! And it’s updated weekly, it’s all exclusive, just for your eyes, you can download it and watch it on the go! But my favorite part of the deal is, you guessed it – the pricing.

If you don’t want to or are uncertain about long-time memberships, you can pay the monthly price, $17.87. Pretty sweet deal, right? But if you have a little more courage, then you can extend your stay with them and pay a six-month fee for $69 or even a yearly fee for just $0.26 a day! That’s some sweet pricing if you ask me. And guess what? Right now, they have a memorial day sale! So hurry up, get your credit card, and get yourself a part of this sweet, deviant, hot, steamy hell of a mess that’s for sure going to change your sex life forever.


I would say that the site’s design is pretty simple, with not too many options to get lost in. You get to go directly to scenes and choose, however, and whatever you want, you can click the login button if you are already a member, or you can buy your first membership with a simple click on the button. I think that’s also my only complaint. You can not separate them by categories and choose in an organized environment. Instead, you have to scroll around until you find your preference.


In conclusion, this site, in my opinion, does give you a pretty sweet deal for a meager price. Like, if you guys do not take this opportunity to secure yourself with a whole collection of fresh pussy in HD, then it’s your fault, and I don’t want to hear you all complain about the low quality of the same old videos you get to watch after work. Seriously, get your hands on this. As I said, the only thing flawed in this site that I could find is the lack of organization and separation between preferences and the kinds of girls I want to see when I get down to business. Cause we all have our types, right?