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The universe of FamilyStrokes is indeed an insane one where everything is possible, seeing as you may fuck the throat or the pussy of your stepsister, or even your assertive stepmom without putting in that much effort. That's something that never happens in real life, so pretending you're in a stunningly attractive stepfather or even a hung stepson is indeed a fantasy worth living out. If you want to bless yourself with such an experience, then Family Strokes is the way to go!
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Family Strokes showcases the most beautiful gals who love shoving dicks down their throats and their pussies, and they're indeed never satisfied, so they're always on the hunt for more. Feel free to lay back and get your cock out asap as you're surely in for a great time, as long as the strokes are kept within the family.


The thing that interests us, mortals, the most is the content of the website. By now, we're all aware of what kind of thing can be seen on the website. It's all step-daughters and step-mothers getting their tight wet cunts pounded hard as fuck by stiff cocks and horny step-sons getting to nail their gorgeous assertive step-moms. However, we need to talk about the nerd stuff as well, as we all care about the numbers, don't we? Every single video lasts at least 30 minutes, and the fucking is indeed top-notch. No softcore fucking is available on the website as well, seeing as people here really love getting the living hell fucked out of them by the opposite sex. Naturally, you won't be seeing any bisexual pornography on the page, seeing as all of these "strokes" are guy-on-girl strokes, with the naughty step-daughters sometimes playing around with their step-moms. At the moment, you can find 165 such videos on the website, and every single one of these videos has its own unique photosets. You can expect to see some screencaps in the downloaded photos sections (the photo sets are up for downloading as (dot)zip files). All of the scenes are streamed in an embedded player, and the max resolution is 1080i. When it comes to downloading these scenes, they can be downloaded in that very same resolution, and the .mp4 format is the one they're going for, as it has the best quality, but sure, you may even download some smaller resolutions. This should only be done if you have a slower internet connection and you're an impatient dude who wants to get to his pornography as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you're not super impatient, you should wait a while for the movie to download since the visuals are indeed a masterpiece, and it would be a great shame for you not to experience them in their best form. Now, when it comes to the actual sex, then we should pay attention to the wonderful actresses that put in a lot of work in these videos. You won't see this fucking anywhere else, and the scenes are exclusive! The way these movies are scripted is great, too. Naturally, the little dialogues that occur here and there are comical, but that's the thing with porn movies. Without a grain of doubt, you'll certainly enjoy watching these gals choke on dicks and take these deep strokes.
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I've run into no problems in navigating the website, as everything is organized nicely. You get to see 20 thumbnails on the main index page. This means you get to see 20 on every single page. However, there's no advanced search engine on the website, which sucks.


This is a standalone website, so there's not much to say about the extras.


This website is everything but big, but I'm happy with the content, so I hope that it blows up soon. If the thought of fucking your step-mom turns you on, then this the place to be.